Social Fresh is a social media training company. Our blog is one of the most highly regarded in the industry, and is a free resource for anyone wanting to use social media to build their business.

We host two social media conferences a year targeted for marketers from all company sizes — startups to Fortune 50 and everything in between.

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What The Experts Say:


Marketers — Social Fresh attendees are marketers. From small business owners to agency managers to Fortune 500 brand teams, Social Fresh attendees cover a broad range of marketing perspectives. This is part of the value. Learning is not just about the quality of the content and the speakers, but the fellow audience members who you will discuss ideas with, network with, learn from as well as teach.

Leaders — Employees and business owners that choose to attend Social Fresh are the trendsetters amongst their peers.

Knowledgable — Social Fresh attendees are not just leaders in their own ecosystems, but as a whole are social media thought leaders. They control marketing budgets, lead brand teams, are community managers, and help build and run much of the software that drives social media forward each day.

Social Fresh Conferences

Social Fresh Conference

Our flagship event is a one day social media conference targeted for marketing professionals. These conferences focus on social media for business results. Case studies, group discussion and learning, instruction and drilling down on topics are the focus of each of these events.

Past Social Fresh Conferences: